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The game of life - One view of life using the game metaphor:

Each individual comes into the game without a rule book. Therefore, one task is to discover the rules of the game. Then, to establish the objective of the game. And then, to properly play the game so as to accumulate the appropriate score for that individual. Each person has their own rules, objectives and scoring system. Truly, a game where everyone can win if we all play the game properly.

In the game of life there are Winners and Losers. Life is a game that everyone can win. But some people choose to lose. It is simply a matter of attitude. Life is also about right and wrong. If a game is won by cheating, then the game was lost!

Life is a great puzzle - waiting for us to assemble the pieces

Rules of Play:

Life is a series of decisions: the objective is to make the correct decisions, for each person to make the correct decisions for that individual, when we all make the correct decisions, we win the game.

Do your part

Life is a journey of discovery. We each have a role to play. Opportunities are presented and the decisions we make determine the path through life we take.

In the game of life, the winners are the people who are happy.

In the game of life, the losers are the people who are not happy.

Do your part
Life [The things you do]:

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My game play is partially documented in MyKwB.

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