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A Change Is Needed

Change Concepts

Change: All progress comes from change. Change for the better is good.

Idea: If we want different results, we need to change our processes.

Government: We need to change the way we create law. Law needs to prevent harm, not reward one segment of the voters at the expense of others.

Economy: We need to change the way we fight inflation.

Politics: We need to change politics to be for supporting goals rather than supporting ideologies.

Supporting Material

The lives of most people (I would argue - all people) will improve (be more satisfying) if we make the following changes:

1) Fix the US Federal government:

The Federal government in the US is broken. It is not serving the needs of a majority of Americans.

The following Proposed Constitutional Amendments are recommended to return control of the Federal Government to the people:

The primary function of government is to protect individuals and society from harm. Laws need to solve problems not just reward one segment of society at the expense of the rest of society.

2) Fix the US economy:

Capitalism works very well for the wealthy.

Capitalism works well for middle income workers when the wealthy do not use the government to favor themselves.

Labor unions are not the best way to help labor because they will abuse their power and damage the businesses which pay their salary and defeat the market benefits of capitalism.

Capitalism does not work well for low income workers. Government needs to subsidize low income labor in order to ensure the benefits of technology are fairly shared.

Subsidizing low income workers and Full Employment policies are the best way to ensure fairness for low income workers.

The problem with the economy is the large number of people who are willing to work but cannot find a job paying a living wage for their neighborhood.

To solve this problem we need both a Full Employment and a Living Wage policy at the national level.

Fixing the economy

3) Work to resolve conflicts around the world:

People need to realize that there are but two choices: conflict or consensus.

A people divided against themselves cannot long stand. We need to find common ground to continue to prosper. Constant war results in unnecessary grief.

Any religion which does not respect the rights of non-believers is fundamentally flawed.

Lessons from Christian Religion:

Q. What is the first commandment? Love God.

A. How do you love God? Do not do harm to the creation.

Q. What is the second commandment? Love others as yourself.

A. How do you love others? First, Do them no harm.

Conclusion: Do no harm.

4) The USA should serve as a model society for people around the world.

In order to be a good model we need to fix the problems within the country and support the following:

Please see The Common View for supporting documentation for these ideas.

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