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Business Knowledge System

Business Knowledge System (TM) is a computer program for the collection, organization, and sharing of knowledge.

Using the hypertext model, it allows individuals to collect and organize notes about information as it presents itself during the daily routine.

Information about

constantly presents itself and needs to remembered at a later time.

Items such as

and thousands of pieces of information arrive by voice and paper to be managed by each of us.

This information may be entered in a free-form manner, structured and designed by you to meet your exact needs. You create links where necessary to provide easy and quick access to that vital piece of information at any time.

Furthermore, you'll have a historical record of your personal and team business information that can be analyzed anytime you need to recall the exact amount of a transaction or recall exactly what type of information is needed to solve a business problem.

Over time, this information provides a tangible record of the business experience. This experience can be analyzed and organized to form a knowledge base for future use and sharing with others.

This experience can be shared with other uses of the Business Knowledge System with the Remote Sharing Option feature using a virtual private network over the Internet.

Business Knowledge System users may also have electronic meetings with the Group Discussion feature over a virtual private network using the Internet.

Business Knowledge System

Key Benefits

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Description SKU # Price
Business Knowledge System BKS-1.3 49.95

Screen shot of Business Knowledge System initial screen.

Questions about Business Knowledge System.

Please note: The functions of Business Knowledge System are available in My Knowledge Base. Business Knowledge System is available as a special order only.

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