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In life, knowledge is the key to success. Knowledge Based Solutions (TM) provides a family of easy to use, inexpensive tools which allows one or more people to collect, organize and share knowledge.

These tools help the user build and maintain a personal knowledge base to enhance their native brain functions of memory and association.

In the Game of Life, Personal Knowledge System (TM) will help you keep track of lessons learned.

Knowledge Based Solutions - Using information to build a better future.

There are three essential tools everyone needs on their computer:

A knowledge tool is of no value until used. Personal Knowledge System is used for active thinking. Active thinking is a process of visualization using thoughts.

Q. Is there anything more important than knowledge?

A. There is nothing more important than knowledge; except how individuals choose to use it.

See the Process at The Common View.

Try to keep a list of your thoughts in the PKS Knowledge Base (KwB).

My thought for the day

Knowledge Based Solutions is a software development company founded upon the proposition that people achieve progress by making decisions. In working toward a goal or trying to solve a problem, alternative courses of action must be selected and acted upon. Having the proper knowledge at hand for each decision facilitates making the best possible decision. We believe that information can be organized to provide that knowledge with the proper knowledge tools. Our mission is to provide automated tools to assist organizations, companies and individuals to collect and organize information into the requisite knowledge.

Knowledge Based Solutions develops and supports packaged software for the personal computer in the Microsoft Windows environment.

We believe that software should be intuitive to operate and free from defects. It is our policy to require software developers to stop new development in order to correct any customer reported problem. We support the products we build for the life of the product. We provide maintenance updates and new releases to licensed users for a modest download charge (currently free).

We charge a small, one time licensing fee for our products. Software is our business.

Our products provide an information storage and retrieval system for knowledge.

Do you need a computer program to:

Whether for a business information system or a personal information system, we have a powerful and easy to use windows application for your consideration.

If knowledge is important to you, purchase a copy of one of the knowledge systems, use the Knowledge System to organize your knowledge, feedback your thoughts on the knowledge system and contribute your knowledge to the common knowledge base.

What would you like to see today?

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For an example of using My Knowledge Base as a practical application of knowledge for solving real world problems, please see:

If you like this site, purchase a copy of one of the knowledge systems, and join the World Wide Knowledge System (TM).

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