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Before we can link to knowledge, we must be able to recognize it. What is knowledge? There are several answers to that question:

Yogesh Malhotra said in 1998; "While information generated by computer systems is not a very rich carrier of human interpretation for potential action, knowledge resides in the user's subjective context of action based on that information. Hence, it may not be incorrect to suggest that knowledge resides in the user and not in the collection of information, a point made two decades ago by West Churchman, the leading information systems philosopher."

We consider a knowledge base to be an organized collection of information and experiences of a person or group of people.

The Personal Knowledge System is an attempt to provide the individual a tool to organize the information of interest to that person. Each person will find a particular set of knowledge useful in solving the problems of interest to that person. No two knowledge bases will be identical.

Knowledge Based Solutions developed the Personal Knowledge System (TM) to allow a person to build their own knowledge base and support organizing links into the world wide web.

Links to knowledge sources on the web:

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If there is sufficient interest, links to major sources of knowledge can be added to this page. Please use feedback to suggest URL's to add or topics which would be of benefit.

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