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Knowledge needs to be relevant to solving the problem at hand or meeting the current goal to be of interest to the person (or machine) using the knowledge base.

Effective problem solving requires a clear understanding of the problem, a defined objective and sufficient information to allow the discovery of an acceptable resolution to the problem. The knowledge base provides the storage space for the data, information and knowledge to bring to bear in solving the problems of the person using the Personal Knowledge System. The knowledge base is the organized experience of the user(s) of the system.

Human kind has been collecting information needed to solve problems for a long time. In the beginning, there was a lack of information and a great deal of time was spent trying to discover information. Today, there is a vast amount of information available and people spend a great deal of time trying to learn about what is already known and trying to determine if the known information is useful to solving the particular problem at hand. In order to improve the efficiency of this process, human kind needs to publish and organize the known information.

The world wide web is the focus of a great deal of effort toward this goal. At the current stage of development, more progress has been made with publishing than with organizing. The users of the web still find a vast array of information but a limited amount of knowledge.

The Personal Knowledge System is an attempt to provide the individual a tool to organize the information of interest to that person. Each person will find a particular set of knowledge useful is solving the problems of interest to that person. No two knowledge bases will be identical.

While the underlying tool imposes no particular structure to the knowledge base, the Personal Knowledge System is built with a knowledge framework implicit in its operation.

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Information is entered into the knowledge base in a textual format. Normally, in complete sentences as would be used in spoken communication to another person, written in correspondence to another person, or as written to be retained for future reference by the author of the information.

Knowledge Based Solutions developed the Personal Knowledge System (TM) and the Business Knowledge System (TM) for knowledge workers.

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